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YWCA Early Head Start

Fast Fact: Over the past fifteen years Early Head Start has reversed the national high school graduation rate of adolescent parents. The average graduation rate of participants in the program is 90% compared to the national rate of 30%-40%.

The YWCA Early Head Start Program provides comprehensive educational and health services for pregnant adolescents, children of adolescent parents, young children with disabilities, and children living in poverty and their families. The program is first and foremost a child development program that seeks to enhance the development of children during their formative early childhood years with a goal of promoting school readiness and effective parenting. (NOTE: All children served are 0 – 3, and pregnant women)

YWCA Early Head Start 2013 - 2014 performance Indicators:
186 children served, aged 0 – 3, plus 12 pregnant women: 92% with incomes 100% below the federal poverty line with the remaining on some form of public assistance and/or classified as homeless (6).
Of these, 32 were children with diagnosed disabilities, 155 were from single parent families, 107 parents were in school, and 84 parents were employed.
Of the 21 parents who were high school seniors, 20 graduated (95%).
113 parents received health education and 118 received parenting education.

YWCA Health Services:

Fast Fact: Although the breast cancer diagnosis rate in our State is consistent with the rest of the USA, the survival rate in Louisiana is 50th in the country.

YWCA ENCOREplus offers grassroots breast and cervical health education and awareness to uninsured and underserved women. The program is designed to reduce deaths due to breast cancer among high-risk, medically underserved women. The program focuses on African American women aged 40 and older because of their disproportionately high death rate from these cancers, chiefly due to late detection; however, women of all races and ethnicities are served.

YWCA ENCOREplus 2014 Performance Indicators:
Educational contacts: 44,122
Mammogram referrals: 2,594
Clinical breast examination referrals: 2,757

Fast Fact: According to 2010 CDC statistics Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ranked #2 in the nation in estimated new AIDS case rates per capita.

RISE: (Reaching Impacting Strengthening & Empowering Women in the Fight Against HIV) educates citizens on appropriate lifestyle choices and sexual responsibility through community outreach, provides free HIV testing, saves lives through prevention and early detection, provides free supplies, and provides free pre-and post counseling to everyone we test.

YWCA RISE 2014 performance Indicators:
Over 2,114 community members received outreach & education services
Over 179 community members received free & confidential HIV testing & counseling

Fast Fact: Louisiana ranked 6th in the nation for the highest teen birth rate in 2011, as compared to 2008 when it ranked 8th.

SIHLE: (Sisters Informing Healing Living & Empowering) focuses on preventing the spread of HIV, other STDs and decreasing new teen pregnancies by providing a safe environment for group discussions, behavioral skills practice and role plays about sensitive topics such as abstinence, safe sex options, partner communication, media and social influence, gender and ethnic pride, etc.

YWCA SIHLE 2014 performance Indicator:
YWCA SIHLE (Teen pregnancy & STD prevention programming) served 61 African-American female teens ages 14-18

YWCA Racial and Social Justice
Fast Fact: The Pew Research Center's analysis of 2009 government data says the median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households.

YWCA Racial and Social Justice programming continues the organization’s rich legacy of combating racism in our community by offering programming and collaborating with other organizations in their activities.

Continued ongoing educating and discussion at the Board and Management staff level regarding racial and gender disparities / racism and sexism.
Participated with the League of Women Voters and other women’s groups focused on moving pay equity legislation forward.
Participated in the Good Friday “The Way of the Cross” event (YW rep reading about ending racism).
Represented the YW at the City-Parish Council meeting speaking in favor of the “Fairness Ordinance” that would have given protections in housing, employment and public accommodations for LGBTQI persons.
Participated in LSU’s “Campus Conversations” via their Office of Multicultural Affairs
Attended and represented YWCA-GBR at the Nuns on the Bus luncheon sponsored by Together Baton Rouge.
Provided educational information about HIV/AIDS for World AIDS Day..
Throughout year, posted various informational and action items (local and broader) on YWCA Facebook page.

our mission: YWCA Greater Baton Rouge is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

our history
The YWCA of Greater Baton Rouge is a non-profit organization affiliated with the YWCA of the USA, which has a rich 150+year legacy of social justice. The YWCA was first organized in 1943 to serve only white women and girls. Local black women formed the Maggie Nance Ringgold Unit of the YWCA eleven years later.
The two co-existed until 1965, when national convention action correctly mandated all YWCAs in the country to desegregate. White members of the local YWCA voted to disaffiliate from the YWCA of the USA (at a meeting where the Unit members were not allowed to vote), seceded from the national organization, changed the organizational name to the Young Women’s Christian Organization (YWCO) and retained the YWCA’s assets, including its building. Eventually the YWCO was dissolved.
In 1967, the YWCA Greater Baton Rouge reorganized as an integrated association, was re-chartered in 1969 by the YWCA of the USA, and began its early and renowned racial justice programming. Today the YWCA continues to work for the elimination of racism and the empowerment of women. Key programs include YWCA Early Head Start: high quality child care and education for families with low-incomes and children 0 – 3 as well as pregnant women with low-incomes; YWCA Health Services: YWCA ENCOREplus: breast cancer outreach and education, YWCA RISE: HIV/AIDS education, outreach and testing and YWCA SIHLE: teen pregnancy and STD prevention programming; and YWCA Racial and Social Justice.

our structure
The YWCA of Greater Baton Rouge is a private, non-profit organization affiliated with the YWCA of the USA as a member. The organization provides programs and services connected to its Mission, and is supported by federal, state and local governmental grants; private foundations; Capital Area United Way; private donations from individuals and fundraising activities. The total (2015) budget is $2,815,301, with high dependence on one source: federal funding of Early Head Start at $2,144,952 (which requires a 25% non-federal match of $536,238).

YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

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